• Data Management: Data processing, data storage, data acquisition, IoT data lifecycle, blockchain-based Internet of Computer Networks, convolutional neural network, computer network connection enhancement optimization algorithm, computer network topological structure, network computers, network equipment, network transmission media, reasonable network structure model Network topology, Computational modeling, Neural networks, Linear programming, Computer networks, Topology, Convolutional neural networks.
  • Information Databases: Database system design, freeway shared information platform, information systems integration, shared information platform for freeway transportation, information sources, components requirements, functional requirements, commanding platform, dispatching platform Database systems, Traffic control, Transportation, Monitoring, Road vehicles, Vehicle safety, Disaster management, Image databases, Information systems, Management information systems.
  • Things data management, obsoletion, common building blocks Networking: Multiperiod IP-over-elastic network reconfiguration, adaptive bandwidth resizing, adaptive bandwidth modulation, traffic demands, optical layer, modulation format, optical path demands, optical networks, multilayer network reconfiguration algorithm, IP traffic patterns, heuristic iterative multilayer network reconfiguration algorithm, subcarrier expansion, subcarrier reduction, energy-efficient adaptive modulation, data rate, client demands, multicarrier-based transponder architecture, sliceable bandwidth-variable transponder, energy consumption.
  • Programming Languages: Usability, learnability, initial learnability, programming languages programming code, natural languages, programming language learnability, human participants, human aspects cognition, computer-aided instruction, computer science education, human-computer interaction, natural languages, programming, programming languages.
  • Intelligent Organization: Intelligent system, information storage, smart city, regional center, UAV regional situational centers, intelligent system, intellectual system, organizational support, information storage, smart city, task manager, DAV, IoT, data provider Internet of Things, smart cities, storage management.
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