Antioxidant activity of Passiflora foetida leaf extracts and silver nanoparticles in diabetic induced rats

Author: Jagadish Naik Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacology-STM Journals Issn: 2349-1299 Date: 2024-04-15 04:23 Volume: 14 Issue: 01 Keyworde: Anti-oxidants, ascorbic acid, glutathione peroxidase, serum catalase, plant extracts Full Text PDF Submit Manuscript Journals


The anti-oxidant system present in our body prevents against the free radicals. Anti-oxidants were glutathione peroxidise,serum catalase,vitamin E, ascorbic acid and superoxide. In our study the plant extract of Passiflora foetidae were used to estimate the antioxidant levels in diet-induced diabetic rats. The mean of glutathione peroxide of normal rats was 92.98±1.65. “The mean of diet-induced diabetic rats was 152.50 ± 1.92. Diabetic rats treated with sitagliptin and vildagliptin had mean values of 121.75 ± 4.33 and 124.90 ± 2.85, respectively. The mean values of Ascorbic acid in normal rats was 0.50±0.27.Diet- induced diabetic rats have ascorbic acid mean 3.50±0.28. The normal rat’s mean of serum catalase was 112.55±1.76.Diet induced rats have mean a value of 125.78±1.96.This value is significant. Diet-induced diabetic rats treated with a standard drug have a mean of 121.38 ± 1.68. Diabetic rats treated with plant extracts of PSF (Passiflora foetida leaf) exhibit mean values of 123.47 ± 1.67, 119.27 ± 4.38*, and 113.07 ± 3.82. The outcomes of our study indicate that both plant extracts and standard drugs improve the anti-oxidant levels.

Keyworde: Anti-oxidants, ascorbic acid, glutathione peroxidase, serum catalase, plant extracts

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