Role of E-Learning based higher education in sustainable development

Author: Vishal Pandya E - Commerce for future & Trends-STM Journals Issn: 2454-9347 Date: 2023-06-05 01:36 Volume: 07 Issue: 02 Keyworde: ESD, SD, ICT, VLE, E-learning Full Text PDF Submit Manuscript Journals


E-learning in higher education can be of great importance in effective life-long learning education for sustainable development in a population of students who are all together full time employees. The aim of this research was to assess the Education of Sustainable Development effectiveness through e-learning in higher education in a case study. The six scope analysed were:

• General outlook;

• Learning Quality;

• Teaching Resources,

• Educational tools and Evaluation;

• Acquire competences in education for sustainable development.

• Data was collected using semi-structured qualitative interview.

 The results show that the survey students feel that they attained a high level of inspiration and fulfillment, and had reached an efficient learning outcome of knowledge, competences, values, attitudes and behavior in environment and/or sustainability sciences. In this way, Education for Sustainable Development in an e-learning regime can contribute to, and have a role in, the transition to sustainable societal patterns

Keyworde: ESD, SD, ICT, VLE, E-learning

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