National Journal of Real Estate Laws

This Journal involves anything dealing with real property (land). These laws are designed to determine who owns land and the buildings on it, who has a right to possess and use land or buildings, scope sale and purchase of real property, landlord and tenant issues, the development of real property, and compliance with local, state, or national regulations affecting the use of real property.

Journal of Human Rights Law and Practice

This Journal aims to throw light on to the fundamental rights a human being. In order to live with dignity, certain basic rights and freedom are necessary, which all human beings are entitled to.These basic rights are called Human Rights.

Journal of Intellectual Property Rights Law

This is a peer reviewed research journal dealing with inventions, creations, and other intellectual and intangible types of property. The term "intellectual property” is used in its general sense to describe: A product of the intellect that has commercial value, including copyrighted property such as literary or artistic works

Journal of Corporate Governance and International Business Law

This is a peer reviewed research Journal which deals with the corporate governance and International business law. In a broad sense, corporate governance is about how firms should be governed so that they could run effectively and efficiently.