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  • Construction Industry of architecture design: Building and infrastructure construction, demolition, renovation, maintenance, repair, planning, and surveying to structural construction, painting and decorating, innovation and technological development, architectural drawings, engineering, and construction industry. 
  • Computer-aided Architectural Design: CAAD software programmers, architectural design, architectural engineering, comprehensive building records, architectural design, design activity, computer-aided architectural design, protocol analysis, conceptual phase, conceptual design, layout planning, computer graphics, computer-aided drafting, and design methods.
  • Architecture Framework of design: Developing and deploying a system’s architecture description, schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration, smooth construction project, building information modeling, information integration, building planning, and design, transmitting design information.
  • Integrated Information Systems of management: Architecture Integrated Information Systems, business management framework, Integrated information systems, Literature review, Management accounting, Enterprise information systems, ERP systems, business process, business process management, continuous process improvement, management accounting, supply chain management, enterprises information integration, system integration. 
  • The architectural design of management: Schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding, construction administration, smooth construction project, Atmospherics, Hotel Management, Design, Guest satisfaction, handling and management, information behavior, information ecology, and information exchange.
  • Sustainable construction of management: Recyclable and renewable building, reducing energy consumption, waste production, environmental impact, project management, analytical hierarchy process, green building, construction waste, environmental impact, waste management, waste management implementation, greenhouse gas effect, food, and rural affairs. 
  • Collaborative Architectural Design Management: Architectural knowledge, design decisions, knowledge communities, informal collaboration, virtual communities, digital enterprises architecture, collaborative decision environment, digital transformation, decision analytics, enterprises social network, adaptive case management, architectural engineering, integrated workflow management.
  • Architectural knowledge of design management: Design decisions, software architecture, information visualization, Bayesian relief network, heterogeneity, inter-organizational innovation, ubiquitous computing, global software development, knowledge management environment, digital business ecosystem, knowledge flow, and technological platform. Potential evolution, architectural innovation, radical innovation.
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